Hello, I am Dale Palmgren. Start to Finish Inventions Corp is basically a one man shop designed to take an idea for an invention from concept (Start) through all the steps to get it marketed (Finish). Most of this website says “we” rather than “I” because I do have my wife or another family member (who I know I can trust not to talk about the inventions we are working on) help me on occasion. I stated this page this way because I very strongly believe in complete honesty and full disclosure.

I am over 60 years old and for most of my life have been referred to a “Jack of all trades”. I feel this gives me a great advantage of knowing at least a little about many, many different things. I can look at an idea and know almost immediately which types of products to use for each part while still being able to “see the big picture”. This puts me in the right place to start researching and/or developing much faster.

I have started and run several successful businesses in my life but my real dream has been to invent. The problem I had with starting this business was that it took a good amount of money but a tremendous amount of time before receiving any income IF it was done properly. To me, done properly means that I don’t make money if my customer doesn’t. I finally decided I am old enough that if I was going to get the business started, I had to get it going ,so I did.

Other Reasons for Starting Start to Finish Inventions Corp:

  • I got sick of hearing about so many people coming up with an idea for an invention only to reach out for help and get scammed.
  • There is little I enjoy more than to help people.
  • One of my greatest blessings has been the ability to “buy into” someone else’s dream and help them achieve it.
  • I wanted some residual income to supplement my retirement.
  • I believe retirement should be enjoyable and I love to develop things.
  • I wanted a business I could work until I get too old to work in a shop at all.
  • I wanted something I could build and mentor someone to take over and continue with well after I am able to work.
  • I have always believed very strongly in Zig Ziglars quote "You can have anything in life you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want!"

As I was starting Start to Finish Inventions Corp, I joined a local inventor’s group called Inventors Association of South Central Kansas. One year later I was asked to join the Board of Directors and be the secretary for the association which I gladly accepted and still enjoy doing. I would strongly suggest anyone with an idea for an invention or who considers themselves an inventor to come to the monthly meetings. You can get more information from their website.

I developed and marketed magnetic shoe inserts over 20 years ago. I made a living marketing them for several years but recently I redeveloped them and named them Magna Soles. I have taken my own product from concept to market and am confident I can do the same with yours.

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