• Self-accomplishment.
  • Create jobs.
  • Higher return on products sold.


  • Very high investment in money.
  • Very high investment in time.
  • Long time span to get invention to market (in most cases).
  • Long time span to start making a profit (in most cases).
  • There are really only three ways to get an invention to market.
    1. Do all of it yourself:
      1. Depending on what the invention is, in the vast majority of cases, manufacturing, distributing and marketing your invention is very difficult if not impossible and very, very expensive including both time and money. In almost all cases, this also means the sales volume will be very low in comparison to other options simply due to resources such as time, money and availability to the target market.
    2. Do a major part of it and have someone else to the rest:
      1. Very, very few people can be efficient at manufacturing, distribution and marketing but if you are willing and in the position to invest considerable resources into your invention, you may be successful at manufacturing OR distribution and marketing your invention. As an example, if you already are doing manufacturing and/or have experience in manufacturing, it may be practical for you to manufacture your idea yourself.
    3. Have someone else do some or all it for you:
      1. Here is where the vast majority of inventors go with their inventions. Many people simply do not have the desire, time, knowledge and/or resources to develop, manufacture and market an invention so nothing ever happens with their idea until someone else thinks of it and takes appropriate action.

        An interesting point is that most people who come up with one invention will most always come up with several more. Based on this, if the inventor can spend their time and efforts coming up with ideas and letting other people do the manufacturing, distribution and marketing, everyone will be happier and will make more money.

        The question is then, how can an inventor get other people to do these other tasks? This is where Start to Finish Inventions Corp comes into the picture. We can take nothing more than your idea that you haven’t even put on paper yet and take all the steps required to get it sold. We are also happy to do any of the steps you do not or cannot do while you do the ones you want to do.

Start to Finish Inventions Corp can help you every step of the way to develop your idea or invention including prototyping, securing your patent, manufacturing, and marketing. We can do any parts or all of it—it is YOUR idea so YOU are in control!

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