Marketing Materials

Even if you are not planning on going out and selling your invention to the general public, there are some things you will most likely want before you take any invention to any company that you might want to present your invention to.

DO NOT SKIMP on your marketing tools. The higher quality your marketing tools are, the higher quality and demand your invention will be assumed. It is critically important to concentrate on benefits, not features of your invention in your marketing materials. As an example, people never by a TV, they buy the entertainment that the TV gives them.


A prototype is a physical "sample" product that represents your invention if your invention is a tangible product. A prototype can also be a sample of or screenshots of a software invention. There are a few things that make a prototype more effective when presenting it to a prospective buyer.

  • The higher the quality, the better.
  • The better it functions and performs, the better.
  • The better it looks ascetically, the better.
  • In other words, the closer it is to the actual retail product, the more effective it will be as a prototype.

Sell Sheet

A sell sheet is one of the most powerful sales tools in an inventor’s arsenal. This will be used to get a person’s attention within 3 – 5 seconds and make them want to get all they can out of the sell sheet. Once they have absorbed the sell sheet, they HAVE to know more about the invention. Until this is accomplished, any other marking being done will be comparatively ineffective.

  • Consists of 1 page ONLY.
  • Full color.
  • Clear, clean and concise.
  • Attention-grabbing headline or tagline about the invention (critically important).
  • Meaningful images of the invention.
  • Short description of the invention (not the background of it).
  • Briefly defines the invention’s purpose, benefits and features.
  • Define potential markets.
  • Define demographics.
  • Quickly grab the audience’s attention.
  • Usually printed on heavier stock paper.
  • Get to the point quickly without being confusing or too busy.

Video of the Invention

  • Make a short video of the invention, demonstrating what it is and how it works.
  • Define the problem the invention addresses.
  • Show how the invention overcomes the problem.
  • Add additional information as needed.
  • Try to keep the video to about 2 minutes or less.
  • The video is only a slightly more detailed tool than the sell sheet.
  • If a good picture can say 1,000 words, a good video can replace 1,000 pictures.


A brochure can be anything from a simple one page flyer to a full color, 2 sided and legal sized page filled on both sides and folded appropriately giving somewhat detailed information about the invention. Brochures are not always necessary. If your invention can be described much better with a brochure than a sell sheet, it would be a valuable marketing tool.

Start to Finish Inventions Corp can help you every step of the way to develop your idea or invention including prototyping, securing your patent, manufacturing, and marketing. We can do any parts or all of it—it is YOUR idea so YOU are in control!

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