Magna Soles Magnetic Shoe Insoles.

Relieve Virtually ANY Pain in Your ENTIRE Body.

When you wear these magnets on a regular basis, they will stimulate nerves and increase blood circulation throughout your body, which will help to relive virtually any pain throughout your entire body!

Whole Body Pain Relief Diagram

How Magnets Work to Releive Pain

Magnets increase blood flow, enhance circulation efficiency, stimulates nerves, and relax muscles. Magnets change the cells in the blood to move through the arteries and capillaries with less restriction and allowing the blood cells to carry more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body. This can help to promote healing and relieve pain.

The cells in your body have north (or negative) and south (or positive) polarity, making the cells in your body small magnets. The use of the negative side of a magnet can help to balance the pH (acid/alkaline) in various body fluids and cells. Acid base promotes disease and pain. Alkaline base promotes reduced pain and healing. Because alkaline aligns with the north/negative side of the cell, increasing negative polarity increases alkaline and therefore health.

When you feel pain, placing a magnet directly over that pain results in same day relief for most people. Increased, more efficient circulation and stimulation caused by the magnet relaxes muscles and reduces pain.

Important Notes:

Magnets should never be used:

  • If you are pregnant.
  • Use a pacemaker.
  • Use a defibrillator.Over a fresh cut as the increased circulation will lead to increased bleeding.

Our products do not replace the treatment or prescription of a qualified medical professional.

Magnetic Lines of Flux

What Magnets Can Do

Magnetic Insoles: For every nerve in your body, there is a relative nerve in your feet. Stimulating those nerves and increasing blood flow in the foot can have a dramatic effect on Total Body Wellness. Many people believe magnetic insoles have helped with sciatic nerves, diabetes, neuropathy, lower back, knee pain, hip pain, and many other ailments.

Other therapeutic magnets can be used while wearing the magnetic shoe insoles. Therapeutic Magnets including Wraps, Magnetic Jewelry disks and other magnets can be effective for temporary pain relief where the shoe insoles are designed more for correction and long term pain relief.

Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Will magnets work for me?

Magnets work for a very high percentage of people. However, the insoles must be worn consistently for a number of weeks before most people notice any real help with pain relief.

How long does it take for magnets to work?

People respond differently to magnetic therapy. Some people see results in a few hours, some it takes several weeks. Magnetic therapy often requires patience.

How often should I wear magnets?

Magnetic insoles should be worn approximately eight hours every day or more. Basically, they should be worn all the time you are wearing shoes if you want to get the most good out of them. If they are worn less, they will still work but will probably take you much longer to start to feel the benefits. Shoe magenets are like anything else, they only work when they are being used.

How do magnets work on the body?

Magnets themselves do not heal anything. They stimulate the body to heal itself. Increased blood flow and more efficient circulation lead to higher oxygen capacity critical to the body’s self-healing functions.


January 9, 2019
To Whom It May Concern,

I wish for everyone to know of the life changing product that has been developed by Dale Palmgren of I have known Dale for several years now and have been using his Magnetic Insoles for nearly that long. When I met Dale he introduced me to his product while I was suffering from terrible foot nerve pain that occurred at the end of the day after sitting down and usually taking off my shoes. Electrical shocks would emanate from nerves in my feet and cause my feet, if not my whole leg, to jerk. This would usually continue for up to an hour after going to bed. Needless to say this was a troublesome and irritating situation.

Willing to try any non-drug treatment and realizing that all nerve activity is electrical in nature I purchased a pair of his magnetic insoles that he glued onto the normal insoles that I had been placing in my shoes for many years. After a few days my jumpy evening nerves had calmed down entirely and are to this day not a bother at all. I have since bought many pairs of his insoles and placed them into each and every pair of shoes that I own, even my house shoes and will likely not be seen standing or walking without shoes that have these insoles.


Now I can take off my shoes after a day’s work standing or sitting and not have the nerve pain that I once always had each and every evening. I highly recommend them to anyone to try to see if magnetism held close to ailing body parts can improve their quality of life as it has mine. And understand that as a Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of experience I am not to be fooled into believing something works unless it does.

Gary L. Stecklein, Wichita, KS
BS ME 1974 Kansas State University
MBA 1985 University of Texas in San Antonio


"I have a heavy condition of neuropathy in my feet where I have a balance problem when walking on hard surfaces like hard ceramic tile, and concrete floors. However, as I wear these magnetic insoles, I notice a decreased condition that allows for me to walk over hard surfaces with increased sense of balanced, and less swelling in feet."

M.C., Wichita, KS


“For ten years I had dealt with the constant pain of migraines, lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, and fibromyalgia. I was in therapy for about 7 months out of the year and taking up to three Vicodin a day to help relieve the pain, but this was only temporary relief. I had given up all hope of ever having a normal lifestyle. I bought a pair of shoe magnets in August 1998 and within hours, all of my pain was gone. I have been wearing the magnets every day for 5 months now, am off all medications and I now enjoy waking up in the morning knowing that I feel great! Magnetic therapy made such a positive impact on my life that within weeks I became a dealer.”

J.C., Woodland Park, CO


“I started using shoe magnets in February of 1997. Very skeptical that they would work but determined to try anything for the burning in the bottom of my feet, and the pain in my knees, and arthritis in my wrists. I had them about 3 weeks and I have had no more pain in any of those areas. This is wonderful. I was so tired of all the different herbs I had tried, plus the expense of them. But having allergies, there is a lot I cannot take. Thank you. I also have more energy. I never go without them.

M.Y., Winnipeg, MB

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Magna Soles magnetic shoe isnoles are completely satisfaction guaranteed. The only thing we ask is that you wear the magnetic insoles consistently for a MINIMUM of 60 full days. If you are not completely satisfied at that time, we will gladly refund your money. If you wish to get a full refund, please either call or return the used magnetic insoles.

Order Information

The magnetic insoles comes in a men's size 12 and can easily be cut to fit any size shoe with a pair of scissors.

Cost: $49.95 (+ $5.00 shipping & handling)



NOTE: If you have specific needs or questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us about them.

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